3 Reasons Why Blue Light Glasses Will Benefit You!

3 Reasons Why Blue Light Glasses Will Benefit You!

How many hours would you say you spend on your devices? On average we spend around 5.7 hours a day just looking at our phones! Maybe add a few Netflix series, a study sesh and a Zoom meeting on top and that's a lot of strain on the naked eye! As the time spent on our devices continuously rises, there has been a holy grail product that has been developed to help ease the problems many of us experience. If you've been kept in the dark about it, we'll reveal it to you right here...




Now you've probably heard of these before, but what exactly do they do? 

Our Blue Light Glasses are designed with a filter that blocks 50% of all harmful high frequency blue light wavelengths that are emitted from our devices! Our lenses are virtually clear, anti-glare and block UV light, meaning they can be worn at any time of the day! Once you start wearing them you won't stop... here's why.


You Feel Energised and Less Tired! (Without Having To Go To Bed Super Early)

Our sleep quality is determined 2 hours before we hit the pillow. Our body naturally responds to blue light in a way that keeps us awake and disturbs our circadian rhythm. So at night, it is essential to limit our exposure to all blue light wavelengths! As a result, you'll find it a lot easier to get to sleep at night as your eyes will be relaxed meaning you will wake up feeling more energised.


Reduce Digital Eye Strain

After prolonged device use it is very common for us all to experience some form of digital eye strain. Whether it be soreness, redness, dryness, itchiness or even blurry vision, headaches, and fatigue. There are an endless amount of symptoms that arise from overexposure to blue light that you may not have  noticed! Our Blue Light Glasses specifically target these high frequency wavelengths which significantly reduces all digital eye strain symptoms.


Drastically Improve Focus and Productivity 

When studying and working for too long on our devices we often experience loss of focus causing our productivity levels to drop. This is a result of prolonged exposure the blue light as our eyes struggle to focus on a screen for many hours! If you find yourself needing to take many breaks from looking at your screen and find that this hinders your productivity, Blue Light Glasses may be a great option for you!



All of these problems are more super common in today's day and age! Early prevention will help reduce the risk of these issues developing. If you have related to any of these issues and want to better your eyes just like many of our customers already have, click 'SHOP NOW' at the top of the page. And you can even get a cheeky discount when you sign up with us... Experience the Lioness Exclusive difference today!