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The Coco design are a sleek, simple and fashionable frame that will accentuate the best of your features. This design comes in 3 stunning colours; Pink, Grey and Black. All glasses are safely packaged and include our premium microfibre cleaning cloth to remove all dirt and oils. Experience it for yourself as our premium Blue Light Blocking Glasses will protect your eyes in style...

What are Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Our glasses all feature tinted lenses with anti-glare protection. These glasses limit your exposure to harmful blue lights found in your mobile phones, laptops, TV's and monitors. Our eyes are extremely sensitive to blue light as it can significantly damage your retina. Our Blue Light Blocking Glasses reduce the headaches, eye strain, sore/red eyes and blurry vision that come with overexposure. If you spend long hours on your devices for work, school, gaming or pleasure, these glasses are a must-have!


TOP Benefits 

  • Alleviate Eye Discomfort & Headaches
    We often feel strained eyes, headaches, blurred vision and many other side effects from our devices. Our glasses will have you experiencing less headaches and pains so you can freely use your devices.
  • Improved Sleeping Habits
    Do you regularly use your phone right before bed and struggle getting to sleep? Our Blue Light Blocking Glasses fight against the high energy frequency of blue light to keep your eyes and mind at ease for a restful night's sleep.

  • Improved Focus, Energy and Productivity
    If your work, school or everyday life requires the use of devices, you are exposed to blue light. These glasses will reduce the effects of eye strain so you can use your devices for longer.


Start protecting your vision today...

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*All glasses are unisex*